Warning, More Whining

Saddle Seat Wednesday

Why? Because I’m sharing the journey. Because one day we will all look back on this and laugh?

Last week, I left the barn without riding.

I went over to Stepping Stone Farm. I watched Miss Courtney work a horse. Afterwards, she proposed two lovely horses for my lesson. The idea of getting on a horse appalled me. There was no looming horse show to push me forward. I went home.

I don’t understand myself. Riding fills me with dread. Yet, I can’t bring myself to walk away.

I had hoped Dottie would be the horse to help me find my mojo. Not so much. Turns out that whole run up to Nationals was an shining detour rather than a path back. As I sit here typing, thinking about riding Dottie makes me reach for the Pepto – and she is awesome.

Back to the whining drawing board. Onwards. (Not feeling it, but saying it anyway. Words have power. I hope.)

Thank you for reading,
Katherine Walcott


3 thoughts on “Warning, More Whining

  1. Does all riding bring on the same feeling? I know that there are times when even the thought of threading a sewing machine fills me with dread. Not that I’ve done any of my crafts since mom started dying. A break? More time with your own horses, just being with them and not thinking about getting on them? I really wish I knew what to say.

  2. @debandtoby: All riding? Hard to say. Saddle seat is really the only riding I’m doing. Probably yes. I get nervous about everything these days. You should see me before an interview. Or not. Ain’t pretty. A break? Thought about it, but then I’d get off the farm even less & that wouldn’t be good either. Enough about me. Are there some micro-craft projects you could do? Or, as you say, take a break. It will come back in time. #easytosayhardtolive

    @Joan: Thank you.

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