The Other Parts of My Life

A reader who has know me IRL for a long time pointed out that I have been letting my life get consumed by horses lately. Practically, I can’t stop horsing. They live here. We have plans. In the next five weekends, one or both of us has a lesson or show (Awesome!). That doesn’t takeContinue reading “The Other Parts of My Life”

And We’re Back

Saddle Seat Wednesday I’m going to Nationals. What? I didn’t catch that. I said, I’m going to Nationals. Hey, that’s great. Good luck. I’m sure you’ll do … Shh! Shh! Shh! I’m trying to keep it low-key. The tentative plan is Murfreesboro in November, but I reserve the right to bail at any point. WithContinue reading “And We’re Back”

The Old Grey Mare

Recently, someone asked if my meltdown with saddle seat riding [Sine Die, Pondering] might be related to menopause. I know one reader has had this issue (waves hi), wherein doubt takes over from certainty. A legitimate question. I’m gonna say no. I’ve always been a weenie about riding. Some days, with some horses, when theContinue reading “The Old Grey Mare”

Why Watching Milton Drive Makes Me Cranky

Enough about them [Maiden Voyage!, Milton Drives On], what about me? When we get home from a drive, I am exhausted; partly physical, mostly mental. I said as much after Kentucky [Repercussions]. Here’s why. Base Emotions I have never gotten clear on the difference between envy & jealousy. Maybe it’s neither. I don’t want whatContinue reading “Why Watching Milton Drive Makes Me Cranky”

Sine Die Saddle Seat

Saddle Seat Wednesday I’m taking a break from saddle seat. Yes, I do have a tendency to stomp off. Maybe because my brilliant idea [Getting a Grip I, II] wasn’t so brilliant. My last two rides were awful. Maybe because I’m too grumpy about my own riding. My bad temper from this spreads to everythingContinue reading “Sine Die Saddle Seat”

Getting a Grip, or Not

Saddle Seat Wednesday Originally I had planned to hold off pontificating on this subject. I’ve had so many theories; I wanted to see if this had any bearing in reality first. Unfortunately, recent show schedules have sent Coach Courtney and us out of town on alternating weeks over the last month & a half. NoContinue reading “Getting a Grip, or Not”