Looking for Rodney’s Silver Lining

For future reference. Every character flaw has a corresponding virtue. I am forthright. You are inconsiderate. He is rude. I am helpful. You are pushy. He has boundary issues. I am easy-going. You are unmotivated. He is lazy. Rodney is sensitive. Those of us who have to deal with his reactions might say over-sensitive. AtContinue reading “Looking for Rodney’s Silver Lining”

Rodney February 2017

Due to truck (yay! [Milton’s Chariot]), driving derby (yay!! [Show Report]), and several guest posts (yay!!! [Sights][Friendships][Why I Ride]), the home team was absent from the blog for most of February. The last Rodney post was on February 6 [Rodney Objects]. The last Milton post was at the end of January [Counterbalance], plus a mentionContinue reading “Rodney February 2017”

Show Reports, Winter Tournament #1 & # 2, 2016/2017

Saddle Seat Wednesday Two for the price of one. Last month, holiday posts bumped coverage of Winter Tournament #1. The question: Does Robert want to be an Academy Horse? [Looking Forward SSF] The answer: Yes. Yes, he does. In two shows, he is undefeated with one walk-trot rider, nearly so with the other, and hasContinue reading “Show Reports, Winter Tournament #1 & # 2, 2016/2017”

Looking Forward, Rodney

So this happened. I have been riding sitting on Rodney bareback. One, to keep pressure off his back injury/scar, which is under the right-hand point of the saddle. Two, I like the idea of being able to slid off at the first sign of adversity. In a saddle, I tend to hang on until I’mContinue reading “Looking Forward, Rodney”


Saddle Seat Wednesday Another competitor in Adult Academy used the hashtag #howmanydaystillnationals. I thinks to myself, I can answer that. So, when I updated the AEC counter ([AEC], link in the upper right corner), I added a Nationals countdown. Since that came out in months & weeks, days.to gave me the exact answer. As ofContinue reading “Countdowns”