Looking for Rodney’s Silver Lining

For future reference.

Mr. Sensitivity demonstrates the art of sleep-eating.

Every character flaw has a corresponding virtue.

I am forthright.
You are inconsiderate.
He is rude.

I am helpful.
You are pushy.
He has boundary issues.

I am easy-going.
You are unmotivated.
He is lazy.

Rodney is sensitive. Those of us who have to deal with his reactions might say over-sensitive. At some point this is going to be a virtue. Brilliance in dressage? A close communion that allows me to read this thoughts on cross-country? Maybe we will never show (shudder) but will achieve some non-competitive goal that currently eludes me?

Someday, I will look back and all of this will make sense. Or maybe the whole thing is a pointless waste of time.

Wow, that got darker than I intended. I’m trying to see the up side, really I am.


Thank you for reading,
Katherine Walcott

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