Letter Art: Watercolor


SketchBox March 2017

Liquitex Muted Pink Acrylic Watercolor Ink
Fabriano Watercolor Postcards
Princeton Neptune 1/4″ Dagger Brush
Sakura Pentouch White Extra Fine pen
Art card by Victoria Wilson, Instagram, Facebook, Etsy
Box art by Shantall Alam, Instagram, Facebook

Frankly, when I signed on for SketchBox, I expected more pens. Pens I can handle, kinda. Pastels & watercolors? Not so much. Although, having said that, I couldn’t find a way to incorporate this month’s pen. Bah! Artbug!

Lettering 2017

[Daylight Savings]
[Connect The Dots]
[Pen & Pastels] SketchBox February 2017
[NYC 2016]

Previous Lettering
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Katherine Walcott

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