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Still waiting. So, a thoughty post.

All the physical parts are in place: trailer, truck, Coggins. Now we need to have all the people in town at the same time. Our most recent random gesture [Sand Colic?] seems to be working. Milton seems to be settling. I would almost … almost … be willing to try him in the enclosed ring myself. But we’ve waited this long for someone else to get on him first. Might as well stick with the plan.

I can’t envision riding Milton on a regular basis. Seriously, my imagination fails. Is he not the horse for me? Proof that one has to ultimately pick one’s own horses? Or am I so discouraged that I am unwilling to hope? Or am I grouchy bitch who enjoys wallowing in negativity? No idea.

Last weekend, Milton got away from Greg on the long lines. On his way back to the barn, Milton neatly jumped the ring tape [Spooked]. Not what you want to see in a driving horse, but encouraging for a jumping horse. (A storm blew. Greg halted so they could quit. Not fast enough. When we got to the barn, Milton was waiting for us in the aisle, giving us a look that said, ‘Didn’t you people realize it was raining?’)

Although Milton jumped 3′ with his front feet, the trailing lines took the tape down mid-body. Unknown whether his hinds would have gone clear.

What happens if Milton turns in a riding horse and a driving horse? How’s that going to work?

Despite living together for almost 30 (!) years, Greg and I don’t actually share that well. HIS dogs; MY cats. He helps me with MY riding; I help him with HIS driving. Mathilda was HIS horse; Caesar (aka Previous Horse) was MY horse.

What happens when we both have an equal claim on the same horse?

How do we settle show conflicts? Lesson conflicts? How does the level of the show/lesson factor in?

If we haul to Stepping Stone, does Milton drive or ride?

If Greg has a lesson, does he get the days beforehand to prepare? No point in wasting lesson money.

What if driving requires different shoes? Can one jump in those?

What if driving/riding training develops the horse in a way not suitable for riding/driving?

Or do I think too much? This has been mentioned in the past.

Thank you for reading,
Katherine Walcott

5 thoughts on “Milton & Me

  1. I’ve been thinking about this post. A lot. If you can’t see yourself riding Milton regularly, is he really the horse for you? Do you want to stick to driving and forego the riding you love so much? There’s no shame in admitting the horse you have isn’t the horse you need. Lord knows, I made a spectacular error my first time out and wasted a year trying to fix it. (But, as Kathie knows, that was a situation where physical injury was a real possibility.) And I’d known that horse for some time. Rodney seems to be coming along in dressage. Maybe you should stick to him? I don’t know. Just some thoughts.

  2. Yeah.

    Two issues. First, we are pack rats, living in the La Brea Tar Pits. Nothing leaves the property: cats, dogs, horses, old tractors, old cars. We have trouble letting go. So, Milton’s here to stay.

    Second, a third horse would be annoying but possible. But, how do I get one? I have proven singularly unable to find a suitable horse. I had to go out of state for the first one and out of the country for the second.

    I know people buy and sell horses all the time. I have no idea how they do it.

    Thanks for being concerned. My adult brain knows that my “problems” are tiny. My inner two-year-old is NOT PLEASED and is throwing a screamy hissy fit.

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