Booking the Games

What Olympic-related books do you like? __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Back on the Homefront You’ve heard of a runaway? Earlier this week, I had a walk-away. Mathilda has three water buckets in her pen, cleaned & filled daily. Unfortunately, Giraffe-neck can reach across the barrier to the buckets. He dearly loves carried water. It is the exact sameContinue reading “Booking the Games”

Patient Management Update

Mathilda had a slight relapse on Thursday. Hubby was doing evening chores. She was fine – or at least status quo. He came down to the house. Five minutes later, he was back at the barn and she was unwilling to put weight on her bad leg. No idea what happened. We agree she tookContinue reading “Patient Management Update”

8 Hooves, No Waiting

A blacksmith visit goes fast when you only need trims. Rodney stood like an old soldier. He’s always good – all my horses behave on the ground – but he’s usually intrigued by being outside the pasture. This time around, with this heat index, he was in touch with his inner school horse. Mathilda succeededContinue reading “8 Hooves, No Waiting”