Guest Post by Karen Briggs: The Oily Truth

Writing From the Right Side of the Stall Author of Understanding Equine Nutrition ————– Work: day off. Backstory: Previous Horse and the mare had their feed top dressed with vegetable oil for years. They were so shiny that dirt just rolled off. When Rodney showed up, on he went. Then Greg read a paper sayingContinue reading “Guest Post by Karen Briggs: The Oily Truth”

Hair Today, Not Gone Tomorrow

Work: EVE heat therapy & partial grooming. Report: weather, cold & overcast. Horse, ditto. Ramblings: Where does it all come from? Previous Horse, Mathilda, & Rodney all start(ed) shedding long before the formal start of shedding season. Earlier horses were not kept at home, so I may not have been as attentive to the calendar,Continue reading “Hair Today, Not Gone Tomorrow”