How Do They Know?

Work: day off. Too distracted. Ramblings for the Day: This is the third (fourth?) time Mathilda has gotten injured on the weekend. My personal favorite was when I was out of town, called home on Friday night, and got, “Hi, can’t talk. The vet is coming up the driveway.” Having worked in an ER, GregContinue reading “How Do They Know?”

Another Day, Another Set of Poles

Work: reverse poles, hither & yon, as Saturday. Report: workmanlike & unexciting, which is the point. Although I was tempted to go for the third & farthest set of poles, I am learning from past mistakes [Doom, Nevermind]. The plan is to solidify what works before moving on [Boredom]. Ramblings for the Day: I’m notContinue reading “Another Day, Another Set of Poles”

Zeno’s Massage

Work: PM heat therapy/PM groom & exercise [rp, wv, cx]. Report: After separating the cones to make his maneuvering easier, he did so well that he got ahead of me. Ramblings for the Day: History reports that at the beginning of the month, the adhesion between underlying scar tissue and the skin on Rodney’s backContinue reading “Zeno’s Massage”


[Olfaction is the sense of smell. For your Goggle tidbit today, “The Sense of Smell Institute is the research and education division of The Fragrance Foundation, the non-profit, educational arm of the global fragrance industry.” You’re welcome] Work: AM heat therapy/PM groom & walk. Report: group walk around 7/8 of the pasture, 90% relaxed. RamblingsContinue reading “Olfaction”