[Olfaction is the sense of smell. For your Goggle tidbit today, “The Sense of Smell Institute is the research and education division of The Fragrance Foundation, the non-profit, educational arm of the global fragrance industry.” You’re welcome]

Work: AM heat therapy/PM groom & walk.
Report: group walk around 7/8 of the pasture, 90% relaxed.

Ramblings for the Day: Two firsts for the day. The walk was the quietest he’s been that far from the barn to date. At a halt 3/4 of the way through, he nibbled on the end of his leadrope as he does when he’s nervous [Tics]. Then he pulled the slightest bit ahead of me back to the barn, but overall a definite one for the win column.

Perhaps he was relaxed because he felt springtime fresh. Before the walk, I did something with Rodney that I never did with Previous Horse: cleaned his gelding space. PH was extremely possessive of his boy parts. Even whacked out on tranquilizers, he convinced more than one vet to leave him alone. Rodney didn’t cooperate, but neither did he object.

Unfortunately, I used an oatmeal & baking soda dog shampoo. When the two combined with the ammonia in the residue, the smell bought to mind badly cleaned train lavatories back when the facilities opened straight onto the track. Uggh doesn’t begin to cover it.

What is the worst smell you have ever found or created in a barn?

4 thoughts on “Olfaction

    1. Can I beg you not to elaborate? With Previous Horse, the entire process – from discovery to backhoe – took less than 3 hours. However, it was in high summer and I could see that chemistry would not be on our side.

      1. The thing that caught me off guard (after the fact), was that there was such a horrible lingering odor. I grew up on a farm. We lost plenty of large animals and even in the summer I’d never smelled anything quite so horrifying. No, this was different. It was the smell of fear. Pain. It clung to my clothes, my hair, the barn smelled for three days. I will never ever forget it. That and the smell of my freshly skunked dog. Point blank. IMO those two are pretty hard to top.

  1. I won’t even try. I think of the barn as one of those places where the smells are so rich and good. Even the chickens. Since ours lived mostly outside, and we cleaned their nests regularly, even the chicken smell in our barn was kind of nice.

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