The Nature of Progress

rogress is by definition measurable only in hindsight. Running a 7-minute mile is awesome if it represents a personal best. Less so if the runner previously lettered in track during college. So, is it a bad sign that M got stuck over the weekend [Debriefing]? Or a good sign that she was able to getContinue reading “The Nature of Progress”

Foto Friday: Horses of Colonial Williamsburg

Better photographers all over the Internet have taken scenic shots of the Colonial Williamsburg horses in action. My tour is of the things only horse folks could care about: Thank you to the Colonial Williamsburg Coach & Livestock staff for entertaining a horde of thirsty journalists & to Alltech and the American Quarter Horse FoundationContinue reading “Foto Friday: Horses of Colonial Williamsburg”

Somebody Else’s Problem. Worthy Cause II

The Equine Land Conservation Resource won the 2012 American Horse Publications‘s Equine Industry Vision Award, presented last weekend at a breakfast hosted by Pfizer Animal Health [more payback]. Equine Land Conservation Resource “is an educational and networking resource for horsemen and communities. Since all land is saved locally, we provide the information horsemen need toContinue reading “Somebody Else’s Problem. Worthy Cause II”

Welcome Home

Yesterday, I got back from a five-day work-slash-vacation trip [AHP 0,1,2]. The reactions were varied: I know Hubby missed me because I know how much miss him. Nothing cutesy about it. Our farm routine is optimized for two people. Therefore when one of us goes away, the other has signed up for several long days.Continue reading “Welcome Home”