The Point of Worry

For those of us who are more ant than grasshopper, fussing over possibly futures has always come easily. We worry about what might happen and what we can do to prevent/mitigate it. I should have a working fire extinguisher in case of a kitchen fire. I should phrase the paragraph this way to avoid those possible objections.

From a rational POV, Mathilda is doing much better [HOW]. She’s walking a much straighter line. She’s figured out how to prop her hip to take some of the weight. She’s eating most of her meals & devouring carrots at an alarming rate – 5 lbs divided among 2 horses in 3 days. Overall, her eyes are bright & her ears are up.

But who can be rational? So out comes the worry. Will she eat enough? Serve lunch. Is she drinking enough? Extra buckets within reach. Is there too much stress on the weight-bearing leg? Take her for short, frequent walks. Check the hoof for heat. Horse folks &/or those who followed Barbaro know that with horses the acute injury is just the first hurdle. Will they develop complications from enforced rest? From overuse of the non-injured body parts? So, horse owners imagine every possible worst-case scenario and do what they can to avoid them.

Alfred E. Neuman is wrong. Worry is productive. As for restful, soothing, leaving you space in your head to do anything else? Not so much.

Contest update: Routine maintenance has been delayed until the acute issues are resolved. Unless I am struck coup de foudre, the lists will be open until the day of Rodney’s Coggin’s test. Leave your suggestions. Tell your friends. Not just horse friends. Dog folks & cat folks have experience pondering the perfect pet name. Thanks.

Ant or grasshopper?

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