Guest Post: Amy Kilkenny on Equine Bookplates

1980 – Amy & I were thrown together as freshmen by the college housing department. 1988 – Amy was the maid of honor at my wedding. 2014 – Amy’s daughter will graduate from our alma mater. This fact freaks me out on a regular basis. The fact that her graduation coincides with our 30th isContinue reading “Guest Post: Amy Kilkenny on Equine Bookplates”

Tell Me What You Really Think

Space-age sweat scrapers. Dunno how I feel about them. OTOH, I do know how I feel about free text. So, here’s the deal, I will send these two unused specimen (specimens?) to the first two folks who ask. In return, you must provide a 50 to 500 word, engaging & edifying product review that IContinue reading “Tell Me What You Really Think”

Guest Post: P.J. O’Dwyer, author of Relentless

Work: day off. Continuing in the tradition of guest posters who offer to share the load*, P.J. O’Dwyer has agreed to discuss her new book Relentless. Welcome P.J.: Thank you for inviting me to spend the day with you here on Rodney’s Saga. I am an author of romantic suspense. I’ve always loved to immerseContinue reading “Guest Post: P.J. O’Dwyer, author of Relentless”

Guest Post: Art Imitates Life by Jennifer Walker

Work: day off. Jennifer Walker is on a virtual book tour promoting her new book, Bubba to the Rescue. During her VBT, Jennifer is appearing at various sites around the Internet [full schedule under Upcoming Events]. Just as much work. Fewer airports. Welcome Jennifer: They say art imitates life, and in the case of myContinue reading “Guest Post: Art Imitates Life by Jennifer Walker”

Guest Post by Karen Briggs: The Oily Truth

Writing From the Right Side of the Stall Author of Understanding Equine Nutrition ————– Work: day off. Backstory: Previous Horse and the mare had their feed top dressed with vegetable oil for years. They were so shiny that dirt just rolled off. When Rodney showed up, on he went. Then Greg read a paper sayingContinue reading “Guest Post by Karen Briggs: The Oily Truth”

Guest Blogger: Linda Benson, writer of The Girl Who Remembered Horses

Work: day off For fourteen years, I had a bimonthly book column in the USCTA News/Eventing USA. It was one of those gigs for which you can’t believe you are getting paid. Editors and attitudes changed but apparently my fixation with books I hasn’t, which is why my second guest spot is Linda Benson talkingContinue reading “Guest Blogger: Linda Benson, writer of The Girl Who Remembered Horses

Guest Blogger: Keeping Secrets

Work: day off. Book Review of Keeping Secrets by Maggie Dana [rerelease Kindle 2011] by Ellen Broadhurst, The Blithe Traveler I know Maggie Dana through my mother. So I asked Ellen Broadhurst to do the honors as she has no dog in the hunt. Plus, she has experience with horses and books as the authorContinue reading “Guest Blogger: Keeping Secrets”