Feed Bag Comparison

While we were at Auburn [Clinic Report], we asked an ag instructor about Milton. She was unconvinced on soy as the cause [Clean Cups!]. She asked for scans of the feed tags. In the event anyone else would like to float a theory, here is the nutrition information: Dr. Jekyll Manufacturer’s page: Purina Omolene 100Continue reading “Feed Bag Comparison”

Clean Cups!

Part 1 of 3 “`I want a clean cup,’ interrupted the Hatter: `let’s all move one place on.’” Alice in Wonderland Milton is a different horse. Changing his feed has finally addressed the what-the-hell factor that has plagued us since the beginning. To quote Buffy Bourbon [again Patterns], emphasis mine: “My best guess for MiltonContinue reading “Clean Cups!”

Meanwhile Back at the Ranch: Feed

At the beginning of the year, we raised Milton’s rations significantly [Miseries: Feed Me!]. He improved. For a while. Then stalled. His attitude was more pleasant, but still grumpy, “He’s never going to be a ray of sunshine, but he’s less vile-tempered.” He disliked being groomed. I was annoyed with him. Our blacksmith thought heContinue reading “Meanwhile Back at the Ranch: Feed”

Tiger Whistle

Hubby proposed a theory. If Rodney has been suffering from digestive upset, then perhaps he has long-term damage. Is there anything we could be feeding him to support/change/improve his digestive process? I asked advice from Karen Briggs, author of the book Understanding Equine Nutrition, the guest post The Oily Truth, and the blog Writing fromContinue reading “Tiger Whistle”