Hair Today, Not Gone Tomorrow

Work: EVE heat therapy & partial grooming.
Report: weather, cold & overcast. Horse, ditto.

Ramblings: Where does it all come from? Previous Horse, Mathilda, & Rodney all start(ed) shedding long before the formal start of shedding season. Earlier horses were not kept at home, so I may not have been as attentive to the calendar, or not out and brushing as often during the gloom of winter. Right now, Rodney has a sleek, shiny Thoroughbred coat that you wouldn’t think could generate any excess hair. You would be wrong. Mathilda has always been a fuzzy bear in winter. Even her star generates a snowstorm of white hairs for weeks. Already this year, there have been days when I have had to reach for a towel to breathe through while currying.

This does not preclude multiple hairstorms come true shedding season.

When do your horses start changing coats?

2 thoughts on “Hair Today, Not Gone Tomorrow

  1. Our Q-horse … a hairy beast of a buckskin … started shedding the stray hair here or there about 2.5 weeks ago. Just about the same time I started to notice that I couldn’t wake up at our normal weekly time and still have it stay dark long enough to think about going somewhere to shoot in early light. I used to have a 45- minute buffer where I could grab my gear, hop in the car and get myself someplace where I could shoot a few frames as the sun came up. Now I’d have to set the alarm and plan a shoot the night before. In other words, our days have gotten noticeably longer.

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