Order, Order

Work: PM1 heat/PM2 groom.
Report: Need to complete experiment before evaluating hypothesis.

Ramblings: Tried a new plan. Usually, Rodney gets his heat therapy and walk and then Mathilda and I go for our pasture perambulation. Today, I wanted to try walking Mathilda in between. Rodney could relax over the break and I could prepare with whatever peace or exhaustion I could find from circling the field several times. Previous Horse was rigid about his universe, for example, he HAD to be worked first. Woe be unto you if you contravened any of his rules. I have not yet discovered how flexible Rodney is. Or, if he’s inflexible, what order he likes events to occur.

Results? Rodney walked off immediately after his back rub, which he always does, yawned quite a bit & started grazing. As I walked off with the mare, he continued to graze. No sign of darting back to the barn. He did eventually stroll into the run-in shed to relieve himself [thanks ever so much] and strolled right back out to snack on leftover breakfast hay. In fact, he looked so content, I gave up the idea of going back for his walk and moved on to the rest of my day. We are far from achieving happy kid but at least we can have happy pony.

Does your horse care what order you do things in?

One thought on “Order, Order

  1. “Does your horse care what order you do things in?”

    I don’t ask. If they are young or new I follow a regular routine. Once they’ve matured or adjusted, I teach them to roll with the punches. Versatility and flexibility is important to me. Within reason, of course. I try to feed at a regular time and I tend to follow a more structured routine with dolling out food because that ties in a bit with herd hierarchy. But other than that, I do what works for me.

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