Booking the Games

What Olympic-related books do you like?

Back on the Homefront
You’ve heard of a runaway? Earlier this week, I had a walk-away.

Mathilda has three water buckets in her pen, cleaned & filled daily. Unfortunately, Giraffe-neck can reach across the barrier to the buckets. He dearly loves carried water. It is the exact same water as in the trough in the field. Literally. We walk to the trough, scoop out water & carry it back to the barn. Rodney insists that he can taste the difference.

Mathilda prefers to drink from the source. Since she is a prisoner in her pen and we can’t prove who’s downing the buckets, I take her out for water breaks. This way, we know she’s drinking. Once there, I have to swap sides while she drinks. Given her weak leg, she turns better counter-clockwise. This is, of course, the inconvenient direction. So, I toss the rope over her neck, circle around behind, and resume control of the wild one. Done it a million times. Standard Operating Procedure for the last however long it’s been.

Two days ago, I tossed the rope, headed rearwards, and away she went. She turned away in her bad direction just enough to ooze past me and head for the grass. Picture her walking slowing, me trying to finish circling to grab the rope, her staying just far enough ahead that I can’t catch hold.

I think she’s feeling better.

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