Progress is Relative

Mathilda got an excellent review from the blacksmith. She held all four feet up to be trimmed, although it took two goes at the right hind. This is the foot that bears all her weight. I still had to help steady her for the right front but either she’s stronger or we are getting moreContinue reading “Progress is Relative”


And back to Mathilda. I feel the need to defend us. We weren’t ignoring her feet. We knew they were a problem. [Borrowing Trouble & More Mathilda] In the past, Mathilda got shod for the summer. We finally learned to shoe her at the late May blacksmith appointment. Otherwise, she would get sore overnight whenContinue reading “Perseverating”


Looks as if I owe Cupcake an apology. The blacksmith found an abscess that had already opened and drained. He might have had it for a while, possibly low-grade or partially open that started hurting when it closed/reclosed. Blacksmith thinks it had more to do with the wet weather than recent “work”. Either way, RodneyContinue reading “Diagnosis”

8 Hooves, No Waiting

A blacksmith visit goes fast when you only need trims. Rodney stood like an old soldier. He’s always good – all my horses behave on the ground – but he’s usually intrigued by being outside the pasture. This time around, with this heat index, he was in touch with his inner school horse. Mathilda succeededContinue reading “8 Hooves, No Waiting”