Repost, BTE 1 of 9: How I Won the Training Level AEC

Saturday has turned into my admin day, when I don’t have a Show Today post. Over time, I will be reposting the entries from my previous monthly blogs Back To Eventing and Back To Riding. You can catch ’em if you missed ’em the first time. I can include them in the Rodney’s Saga searchContinue reading “Repost, BTE 1 of 9: How I Won the Training Level AEC”

Do We Even Know What Is Good For Us?

. . . . . . . new horse. I’m convinced it will revitalize my life. What if I’m wrong? Part of the momentum behind my epic, two-year tailspin with Rodney is that he was brought on as a solution. At that point, my life, in a word, sucked. A few bits were okay, butContinue reading “Do We Even Know What Is Good For Us?”

HHW: Day 2 – What Do I Want?

Sunday was our day to chat with a trainer from another part of the state [HHP]. She very sensibly asked what I was looking for. Ultimately, I am looking for a horse. Right now, I would settle for a short answer to that question. The one thing the poor woman didn’t want was my lifeContinue reading “HHW: Day 2 – What Do I Want?”

Horse Hunt Weekend: Day 1

Saturday, we were scheduled to see a local horse [HHP]. The seller wasn’t scheduled to show us said local horse. I accept that crossed wires occur. A reasonable answer might have been, “When I hadn’t heard from you, I made the assumption that you were no longer interested in —–. I have made other plans.Continue reading “Horse Hunt Weekend: Day 1”

Progress is Relative

Mathilda got an excellent review from the blacksmith. She held all four feet up to be trimmed, although it took two goes at the right hind. This is the foot that bears all her weight. I still had to help steady her for the right front but either she’s stronger or we are getting moreContinue reading “Progress is Relative”