HHW: Day 2 – What Do I Want?

Sunday was our day to chat with a trainer from another part of the state [HHP]. She very sensibly asked what I was looking for. Ultimately, I am looking for a horse. Right now, I would settle for a short answer to that question.

The one thing the poor woman didn’t want was my life history. Unfortunately, that is exactly what I spewed out. I was wearing a Rolex hat, so I found myself going back to the purchase of Previous Horse and explaining his lack of interest in eventing. That was 23 years ago. No matter how much one consolidates, a story that spills into three decades is too long.

What she wanted to hear was:
A talented young horse that I can bring along.
A reliable older horse that can pack me around.

Both is not an option.

The only fully correct answer is
I dunno.
Start here.
Read to here.
Then you tell me what I’m looking for.

When you horse (cat, dog, spouse) shopped, did you go after a list of specific attributes or did you know the right one when you met?
Gratuitous Kitten Pic
Cat shaming or an object lesson in getting the groceries put away immediately?
BTW, the chicken pieces are for Senior Cat, so no harm done.

9 thoughts on “HHW: Day 2 – What Do I Want?

  1. In both cases, the answer is both.

    I knew what I wanted in a spouse and knew it was a good match when he came along.

    When we met, I told him that if I had to choose between sex and affection, I’d choose affection. He said “Why not both?”. I married him.

    Since you can’t get both qualities in the same horse, you get two horses. Trail horse first, just to get you back on a horse. See how that works. You’re not closing off your options, you’re just taking it one step at a time.

    Black or white, this or that, yes or no, can get you crazy because that’s not the way the world is. It’s full of gray and both/neither and maybes. Get a horse and then, “we’ll see”.

    One step at a time.

    P. S. Perfection is an ideal, not a goal.

  2. I’ve come to the (late) realization that at this stage of my life I need two horses: The project and the non-project. My big fear was, (since I’ve gotten somewhat lazy as I’ve aged) that once I had the non-project horse I’d just opt to ride that and let the project rust. But I don’t so. My philosophy is that by riding the finished horse I’d be inspired to work on the project. And it would give me a better option for those days/times when I just don’t have my shit in a pile to deal with the nonsense of a project. But I’ll probably never know if my philosophy is right, because I can’t quite convince myself that at 55 I really need the added work and expense of a second horse. Especially since I live in the northeast and riding season tends to last about two months at best. (Bugs, heat, humidity, hunters, snow)

  3. I agree with Joan.

    If three or four horses are too much, think about a 10-12-14 year old who would love to help out in a barn, feed horses, walk them, wipe them down, whatever…and get paid for it!

    I can think of one, many moons ago, who hung around barns…and wasn’t paid for it.

    Actually, it’s not a bad idea with even two horses. You have a lot to teach a beginner.

  4. I had a list of qualities I was looking for when I was shopping. Moses didn’t match anything on that list. He wasn’t young, big and built uphill. He was, however, a really good mover and anyway, I didn’t find him, he found me. I like to think that he never regretted his choice.

  5. Packer first. I totally agree that more than one horse is ideal, and since you have a place to keep them and a willing husband, go for more than one. But, please, please, please buy the packer first and get back in the game. Let a horse who knows the ropes remind you of how to do it. THEN you can teach a younger horse. But, I can tell you from personal experience when the blind are leading the blind, there are an awful lot of bloody noses.

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