HHW: Day 3 – The Grand Fizzle

The final plan for my for my Horse Hunt Weekend [HHP] was to drive one state east to look at a horse a friend had kindly tried out. Some of the age/breed/price variables were not ideal but I was up for the road trip because
a) I have no idea what I want.
b) Mark Todd says you should try every horse.
c) This one came pre-checked, so it was less a shot in the dark than most.

I was due to pick up the rental car on Monday morning, but by Sunday afternoon the trip still had not come together in all its particulars. My life is too cumbersome to leave at the last minute, so we bailed. Being unable to spiff off on a whim should make me feel vital & necessary. Mostly, it makes me feel insufficiently organized.

Plus, still I’m sick from Wednesday. Horse shopping requires energy, enthusiasm, optimism, & other vowel-oriented words. I, on the other hand, am gacking, sneezing, whinging & filling the space around me with uncomfortable, spiky-consonantated mannerisms.

So. After after four days and three trainers, I have tried 0 horses. I have a promising nibble from the in-state, out-of-town trainer [Day 2], but I had hoped for so much more. Is it any wonder I get a little worried about my bad karma with this project?

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One thought on “HHW: Day 3 – The Grand Fizzle

  1. There is no karma here. It’s all about tenacity. Are you really determined? Then you will continue and get yourself a horse. If you are not determined to continue, it won’t happen.

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