Looks as if I owe Cupcake an apology. The blacksmith found an abscess that had already opened and drained. He might have had it for a while, possibly low-grade or partially open that started hurting when it closed/reclosed. Blacksmith thinks it had more to do with the wet weather than recent “work”. Either way, Rodney how has front shoes. He is celebrating by cavorting about the field.

When he had his first injury – also a foot abscess [Blues*] – I didn’t know how to interpret his behavior. Was he an iron horse or a cupcake? The answer: he’s an iron cupcake. When he’s injured, he does carry on as if the end of the world is nigh. No stoic, wild horse, hid-your-injury-from-predators here. OTOH, he usually does have a legitimate grievance.

(* For those who came later to the party, Rodney was renamed shortly after this. [Square])

Your horse: iron or cake?
Gratuitous Kitten Pic

Handling the paperwork.

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