Brevity is the soul of wit.

Work: same as Sunday, plus dog. Rating: remembered all lessons. Gold star. Ramblings for the day: Miniature Memoirs. Yesterday’s funk required a snack run. Checkout lane ennui begat O Magazine. Article inside: “You …. in Six Words“. Smith originated the idea. O venue. My blog life in six words: 1) Patience 2) my 3) a**,Continue reading “Brevity is the soul of wit.”

What Makes You [Horse] Happy?

Work: PM1 heat therapy & middle-distance handwalk/PM2 groom. Evaluation: warm weather = happy, pleasant horse = happy, pleasant me. Bodes well for summer. Ramblings for the day: Everything from philosophers to Hallmark cards tell us that happiness is within our own heads. But where? How? Anuscha Rees, on a post in her blog, talksContinue reading “What Makes You [Horse] Happy?”

Guest Blogger: Linda Benson, writer of The Girl Who Remembered Horses

Work: day off For fourteen years, I had a bimonthly book column in the USCTA News/Eventing USA. It was one of those gigs for which you can’t believe you are getting paid. Editors and attitudes changed but apparently my fixation with books I hasn’t, which is why my second guest spot is Linda Benson talkingContinue reading “Guest Blogger: Linda Benson, writer of The Girl Who Remembered Horses