Foto Friday: Year of the Dog

  For today’s post, I had intended to labor mightily in the vineyards of art to produce a stunning, compelling, virtuoso photograph that distilled the essence of canine. Instead, you get a impromptu smartphone snap. Holding a leadrope and reading a book while your horse grazes shouldn’t wear one out. But it does. At least,Continue reading “Foto Friday: Year of the Dog”

Milton’s Medical Update

  Not much to report, which is excellent news. Last Friday, Milton went in to have a large, fist-sized melanoma cut off the inside of his upper right hind leg. Equine melanomas are not the dire diagnosis that they are in humans. It’s a bump. It got cut off. It will come back. On veterinaryContinue reading “Milton’s Medical Update”

In or Out? On or Off? Questions of Horse Management

When the recent cold snap was looming on the horizon, many of my neighbors chose to blanket &/or put up their horses. We chose to do neither. Human behavior toward horses often reflects our values as a species rather than the way the horses see the world [How I Learned to Think Like a Horse].Continue reading “In or Out? On or Off? Questions of Horse Management”

New Equipment: Rodney Tests The Vest

Vests for our CDE debut. Greg gets the short vest since he sits. I get the longer since I stand. Plus I might, someday, possibly, in a fantasy world, use it on cross-country. Overall, Rodney has done little this summer. Once his ankle was almost deswollen [Dubious Future], he got a small scuff right underContinue reading “New Equipment: Rodney Tests The Vest”