Barn Hack, Hose Reminder

Horsekeeping Lucky enough to have a horse.     Put an elastic bracelet around your pump handle/hose faucet/whatever. When you turn on the hose, put the bracelet on your wrist. When you turn off the hose, return bracelet to handle/faucet. If the bracelet is still on your wrist, you have forgotten to turn off theContinue reading “Barn Hack, Hose Reminder”

In The Field, Accidental Photography

Random Images     Milton gets put in the stall to eat breakfast. We let him out after. If I am away from the farm after breakfast, I am likely to be gripped by the panicked thought, ‘Did I let Milton out?!’ To circumvent that, I snap a pic of his fuzzy gray butt inContinue reading “In The Field, Accidental Photography”

Saddle Seat, I Wish I Could Love You

Adventures in Saddle Seat Do you have any idea how easy my life would be if I decided to rack off into the sunset on a high-stepping American Saddlebred? I’d give Coach Courtney the nod. She would find me a horse. The length of time involved would depend on my ambition and budget. If IContinue reading “Saddle Seat, I Wish I Could Love You”

Listening To The Call Of Nature

Horsekeeping   I had intended to do a serious SitRep on Milton. I’d rather talk about poop. Both of our horses have acquired the habit of stopping in the middle of work if they need to relieve themselves. They did not learn this execrable behavior from my training, I might add. In a comment [Why!],Continue reading “Listening To The Call Of Nature”