Rodney SitRep, Saddle & Soreness

Rodney’s saddle situation is not as dire as I had first thought [Evil Twin]. Things seldom are. We switched to the second & third girth straps instead of the first and third. This changes the balance of the saddle enough that the wither clearance is just on the correct side of acceptable, instead of justContinue reading “Rodney SitRep, Saddle & Soreness”

Say Ahh, Visit By An Equine Dentist

Horsekeeping     Rodney and Milton recently had their teeth done by an equine dentist. While the individual was all for a post on the importance of dental health for horses, they requested anonymity. When I showed up at Stepping Stone Farm for my lesson, I found the dentist working their way through the barn.Continue reading “Say Ahh, Visit By An Equine Dentist”

Camp Report, Other Lessons

Home Team   At Stepping Stone Farm Advanced Camp, learning continued outside of the classroom. Milton learned more about standing tied to the side of the trailer. We were offered a stall, but he needs to learn trailer parking for one-day shows. We won’t always have a handy stall. Milton learned that he can drinkContinue reading “Camp Report, Other Lessons”

A Tale of Two Tums

We are stuffing Rodney with ranitidine and Maalox-equivalents (cheaper). We tried stopping. Not so much luck. He’s back on, at least for the duration of the cold snap. [What’s Up] We are stuffing me with Zantac and Maalox (I prefer the taste). Zantac has joined hot showers and Tylenol in my arsenal of a moodContinue reading “A Tale of Two Tums”