Camp Report, Other Lessons

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At Stepping Stone Farm Advanced Camp, learning continued outside of the classroom.

Milton learned more about standing tied to the side of the trailer. We were offered a stall, but he needs to learn trailer parking for one-day shows. We won’t always have a handy stall.

Milton learned that he can drink away from home. He doesn’t like to drink or pee in strange places. He finally started drinking on Wednesday. This is his water, so it isn’t a taste issue. I bring water from home in a five-gallon camping jug because it is easier to have it in the trailer than to hump it by the bucketful from whatever distant point the faucet lives at.

He didn’t do as well getting rid of the water. Even at home, he has one spot in the pasture that he prefers as his urinal. Unfortunately, he only urinated once away from home in four days. On one of the days, he took a huge pee, complete with sound effects, as soon as he came off the trailer. Anyone else have a reluctant urinater?

Milton learned the joys of a fan club. He would stand quietly in the aisle as my fellow campers loved on him, patted him, & braided his mane and tail. He’s all about being My Little Pony.

I learned lessons as well. For example, be careful where to leave the carrots.
Thus ends the camp reports. Show report tomorrow. I leave you with our cavaletti video, courtesy of Coach Courtney.

Thank you for reading,
Katherine Walcott

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