Listening To The Call Of Nature



I had intended to do a serious SitRep on Milton. I’d rather talk about poop.

Both of our horses have acquired the habit of stopping in the middle of work if they need to relieve themselves. They did not learn this execrable behavior from my training, I might add.

In a comment [Why!], rontuaru says that their horse, “Holds off until he absolutely must.” Milton is the opposite. He will stop at the mere possibility of defecation.

‘I think I have to poop … nope … maybe now … nope … let me try again … nope … I know there’s poop in there somewhere … ah, here it is.’

And then the noise. Both horses produce nearly indecent groans of effort.

In other news, Milton has been chugging away. I seem to focus on one thing at a time. This spring & summer Milton carried the blog while Rodney puttered unheralded in the background. Now the roles are reversed. Rodney posts while Milton putters.
Oh, the poop. So much poop. And piddle.
[That Fresh Stall Smell]
[Synchro Peeing]
[The Poop-O-Meter]
[Playing with Poop]
[Poop Happens]

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Katherine Walcott

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