Playing with Poop

Does anyone else score themselves when picking up manure piles? A strike for getting it all in one go. A spare for needing two passes. Then there is the tactical question of scooping conservatively or trying for a strike but being left with the 7-10 split.

I have a 10-tine, metal manure fork, which is slightly narrower than the average pile. The plastic forks are wider and have that lovely basket shape, but I’ve always found the tines to have the penetrating power of cooked spaghetti.

I’m willing to bet that non-horse folks out there are wondering why all this time and attention on pitchforks & shoveling; whereas the horse folks are nodding along, thinking, ‘Yeah, could see doing that.’

Horsefolks see things differently.
GKP Arthur 2

11 thoughts on “Playing with Poop

  1. Oh what sad lives we lead…
    i think this is a great way to shorten the pooh picking chore. Maybe you should set up a website and people can keep a record of their weekly scores.

  2. The scent of manure (fresh or aged) and straw or sawdust, such are the smells of little girls dreams.

    The scent doesn’t leave your memory, and a whiff can recall the memories of childhood horses and ponies, adventures on horseback and whiskered cuddles.

  3. I want to know how the score differs when the temps drop and its all frozen to the mats on the floor…that’s the days I dread the most :). Glad to know I’m not the only creative thinker during this task!

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