Seated Perspective

Yesterday’s discussion of outhouses [Checklist] brought to mind a wedding story. The bride was a collateral relation and an avid rider. The guests where split between non-riding family members & horse folks. The reception took place at her parents’s house, a lovely old mansion that did not have the plumbing to withstand hundreds of fannies. So they rented Porta Potties. On the order of 4 PaPs for, maybe, 150 people for 4 hours. The blue huts were the kind with running water where you could wash your hands.

The NRFM’s were APPALLED that they were being asked to use outdoor facilities. The horse folks thought, ‘Wow, classy toilets’.

(Clip art courtesy of Clipart Graphics)

Update: Correction. I have since learned that the house was not old. It was a lovely, young mansion. The problem was water pressure for that many guests. Also, NRFM = non-riding family members. I’m trying to get better about flinging initials hither and yon. Harder to read and no point in text this short. Too many years DC, I guess. By the way, people are still appalled, just not in all caps anymore. October 2022.

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