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End of the Month post on blogging [other such].

I am expanding my social media empire.

Rodney’s Saga has spawned two subsidiary blogs: Rodney’s Storage for administrative clutter and Rodney’s Sock Drawer for testing posts. If you add the monthly previous incarnations, Back to Eventing & Back to Riding, that’s five blogs for one horse. Not bad for a pasture ornament.

Update: Make that 6 blogs. I forgot about the Blogger version. A while back Blogger wouldn’t let me comment with a WordPress blog, so I created this as a redirect.

To provide a contact without hanging up my real email as a spam target.

Facebook: Rodney’s Saga
Daily links for those who prefer to follow on their newsfeed. The second monthly blog, Back to Riding, had its own Facebook page with additional weekly updates. A new page was the easiest way to shed the show name on the Facebook page. Last year, I just posted links. This year, I’ve added on-topic Facebook shares.

Blog posts can be crossposted automatically, but it always seems to chose the wrong picture. Plus, Haynet does not allow autoposting. Since I have to manually post the link at Haynet each day, I do Facebook & Twitter at the same time. The phrase you are reaching for is “time sink.”

Flickr: Rodney’s Saga Blog
A place to store Gratuitous Kitten and Foto Friday Photos.

It took me two tries to sign up. The first time, I got cute and put December 22, 2011 as a the birthdate, since that was the date of the first post. Of course, that made “Rodney’s Saga” a minor. I was required to supply parental permission and 50 cents. I was tempted agree so I could keep the name but decided it might introduce future limitations. When I changed the year, and tried again, it just laughed at me. I waited a few days and registered as RSB with my own well-over-minor year.

Twitter: @RodneysSaga
For daily links and pithy aphorisms as they occur. Of course as soon as I started, the aphorism well dried up. I don’t think I’m the intended Twitter audience. Perhaps because I lack the phone as constant companion. Deep down, I can’t imagine anyone wants to hear from me that often. Is my 20thC showing?

Blogging Community
Blogging friends, friends who blog, the list grows. A Rodney’s Saga guest poster has started her own blog Life, the Universe, and Everything with a commentary on how we look at others In the shadows of my mind. I expect horse stories will follow.

How do you work across platforms?

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  1. I post my blog entries on Facebook. I am a Luddite. Seriously, the writing about does me in, let alone all the other stuff! …although check out my new signature here! I FINALLY worked out my wordpress issues and can now post with a link to my blog – wahoo 21st century me!

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