On the 2nd Day of Christmas: Two Couch Spuds

Lately, I have been spending free time with the horses. Not asking them to do anything. Not brushing them. Just reading while they graze in the field or loaf in the barn. The zen, yin, right brain, Dionysian side of me feels that I am learning about Rodney & Milton outside of their utility toContinue reading “On the 2nd Day of Christmas: Two Couch Spuds”

Art Photo Friday: Statue

Rodney’s Saga nominated as one of 12 finalists! Click here to vote for blogger of the year. ~~~ … and back to our regularly scheduled post … Photos of art rather than art photos. I need to get back into the photography groove. Photos by G Horses of Honor A Public Art Installation benefiting TheContinue reading “Art Photo Friday: Statue”