Championship Colors

At last weekend’s show, the Championship classes had champion-style ribbons all the way through the placings. I’m familar with the blue-red-yellow of the champion ribbon and of the red-yellow-white of reserve champion. I even have a third place, year-end ribbon that is yellow-white-pink. I’ve don’t recall seeing them down to eighth. A championship ribbon isContinue reading “Championship Colors”

Show Report: ETSA Midsummer Classic, White Pine, TN

(Long post. No clear way to break into two parts. You have been warned.) Prologue I’m generous with my toys at the barn. Sorta. Need to borrow a whip? A brush? Sure. Here. No problem. However, everything is marked with my initials &/or colored tape. I make sure the lent item comes home with me.Continue reading “Show Report: ETSA Midsummer Classic, White Pine, TN”