Putting Myself Out There … On Horseback.

Work: EVE heat & groom. Report: second day of our new two-person stretch, see Saturday. Felt movement in the target area while his head was down. Less when he raised it. Ramblings for the Day: My generous Guest Poster from Wednesday, Writing from the Right Side of the Stall, wrote about the similarities between onlineContinue reading “Putting Myself Out There … On Horseback.”

Blow, Wind, and Crack Your Cheeks!

Work: great hopes for today, nothing realized so far. Report: getting this out early in case the weather poodles are right about the oncoming storm. [Of course that was deliberate. I would have thought the LEGO posts would have given away the geek thing.] Ramblings: The plan is to move Rodney’s exercises out of theContinue reading “Blow, Wind, and Crack Your Cheeks!”

Guest Post by Karen Briggs: The Oily Truth

Writing From the Right Side of the Stall Author of Understanding Equine Nutrition ————– Work: day off. Backstory: Previous Horse and the mare had their feed top dressed with vegetable oil for years. They were so shiny that dirt just rolled off. When Rodney showed up, on he went. Then Greg read a paper sayingContinue reading “Guest Post by Karen Briggs: The Oily Truth”