Don Me Now My Gay Apparel, Equestrian Blogger Gift Exchange 2019

Blogging About Blogging Let’s Get Meta   First Order Of Business All hail The Printable Pony for organizing the blogger gift exchange. These things are always more of a hairball than they seem from the outside. How hard can it be to collect a few names, match them up, & list the resulting blog posts?Continue reading “Don Me Now My Gay Apparel, Equestrian Blogger Gift Exchange 2019”

Throw Me Something, Ma’am, Guest Photos

Blog Contributor Michelle Duplichien [Archives] is a sister of the Mystic Krewe of Nyx, a New Orleans Mardi Gras organization. Their parade throw is purses, or more accurately sculptural objects that started life as purses. This year, one of Michelle’s purses was inspired by Stepping Stone Farm and the American Saddlebred. Michelle painted and decoratedContinue reading “Throw Me Something, Ma’am, Guest Photos”

Holiday Wish

  Wishing you clear skies, good footing, and time to enjoy the barn. ~~~ On a side note. I’ve never understood the Happy Holidays/War on Christmas dilemma. Putting aside the philosophical, religious, & common humanity issues, there is a practical aspect. Let’s say I am talking to a Christmas celebrator. A week after Christmas theContinue reading “Holiday Wish”

Christmas Gift

Off Topic   I can’t buy everyone a book, so the gift is the recommendation. A Christmas Cornucopia: The Hidden Stories Behind Our Yuletide Traditions by Mark Forsyth (Penguin 2016) Author’s book announcement, Inky Fool: A Christmas Cornucopia. May I also recommend his blog, Inky Fool. He hasn’t posted often in recent years, but youContinue reading “Christmas Gift”

Low Key Photo Challenge, Holiday

  Captain Nutcracker by Breyer. From Carousel Tack Shoppe, cleverly displayed next to the check-out counter. Process Notes Taken with phone. Brought big camera to barn. Planned to hang ornament. This set-up caught my eye, after Milton checked the ornament for treats, but failed to do so photogenically. Not enough hands to do with bigContinue reading “Low Key Photo Challenge, Holiday”