Let The Festivities Begin, SSF Christmas Party 2018

Can you imagine! Coach Courtney called me a saddle seat rider! The nerve! As part of the year-end wrap-up, she introduced the National Academy Team [Show Report]. She started off by saying that I ride in another discipline. Then she said I was really a saddle seat rider! How dare she! It’s not like I’mContinue reading “Let The Festivities Begin, SSF Christmas Party 2018”

Minions of the Night Unicorn OR Low Key Photo Challenge, Costume

Home Team   SSF Home Show Costume Class, one of the most hotly contested classes on our show calendar. ~~~ Low Key Photo Challenge Process Notes None. Top, not my photos. Bottom, phone snap. Procedure for Low Key Photo Challenge 1) I post photo(s) on a given theme. 2) You comment below with a linkContinue reading “Minions of the Night Unicorn OR Low Key Photo Challenge, Costume”

The Cat’s Out of the Bag, It’s Rubber Ducky Day

Tackbox Tales   While the rest of the country erroneously celebrates Rubber Ducky Day in Jan 13 [National Rubber Ducky Day], the small but valiant handful – three at last count – of true believers know it is today. If your day will not be graced with flying pink ducks from Denmark delivering roasted almondsContinue reading “The Cat’s Out of the Bag, It’s Rubber Ducky Day”

Thoughts on The Night The Animals Talked

The myth is that animals are given the gift of speech on Christmas eve. Why? Why would I want my horses to talk? I can imagine what they would say. More carrots! You’re late! Work? I would prefer not, thank you so much. I sense danger! Flee! Flee! Flee! More carrots! They have no troubleContinue reading “Thoughts on The Night The Animals Talked”