Thoughts on The Night The Animals Talked

The myth is that animals are given the gift of speech on Christmas eve. Why? Why would I want my horses to talk? I can imagine what they would say.

More carrots!

You’re late!

Work? I would prefer not, thank you so much.

I sense danger! Flee! Flee! Flee!

More carrots!

They have no trouble conveying these sentiments without words. Besides, people use words. We are hardly an advertisement for the peace and joy that comes from sharing speech.

Possibly, the horses would have good things to say.


Oooooh, hay. Yummy!

Time for a nap in the sun.

Hello human. Are you here to do nice things for me?

I itch right there. Ahhh, that feels good. Yeah, fingernails!


They have no trouble conveying these sentiments either. People who say animals don’t talk, just aren’t listening.

[From The Horse’s Mouth]
[Talk To Me]
[Ladies Night]

Thank you for reading,
Katherine Walcott

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