Return to the Sea … of Statistics, State of the Blog 2018

Looking Backward
Happy with where the blog ended up after the break. Less emphasis on Rodney, less frustration for me. Plus, I aimed for entertainment, at least in addition to my generalized yapping. If I’m struggling with a post, you probably won’t be interested either.

Being happy with my own content does not make me immune to blog envy. When I read posts on other blogs, I notice number of comments, number of Facebook shares, and so on. Recently, a post praising a riding coach after a successful horse show appeared several times on my news feed. Hey, I wrote that post four years ago [Lessons From Nationals: The Value of a Coach]. Why didn’t mine go viral?! But that is petty and I try to move on. We all have different virtues.

Looking Forward
The format of blog is reactive. I do things with horses. I write about it. Therefore, there’s not a great deal of planning required for the blog itself. Continue to do things with horses. Continue to write about it.

Today is post #2471 total, 294 (calculated) for 2018
Barring great upheaval, 12/31/18 will be #2473 and 296 (calculated) for 2018.

WordPress says I posted twice on 3/11/18 & missed 11/4/18. No in both cases. Well, the difference comes out in the wash.

Stats for 2011 t0 2017 [State of the Blog: A Sea of Statistics]

First Post [Goals 2018. Not.]
Break March 16 [Getting Off the Struggle Bus], Total 2252
Dark 44 days
Interim April 30 [I am not back. This is not a post.]
Dark 25 days
Return May 26 [Bright-Eyed, Bushy-Tailed, & Back to Blogging]
#2331 [Equines of Edinburgh, Guest Post] Miscounted & thought this was #2400.
#2400 [So It Continues, Show Photos, Dressage at Full Circle Horse Park, October 2018]
Blog anniversary [Christmas Gift, scroll down] 7 years
Today, #2471
Last Post, #2473, pending
Double posts, 0
365 days, missed 69 days, therefore 296 posts

Top Ten Posts
Last 365 days, as of 12/28/18. I don’t expect the list to change in 3 days.
Top Ten 2018
[USDF Interview: Heidi Degele, Dressage-Horse Sales Agent]
[Spotted at the Birmingham Mural]
[Fever Rings] 2013
[Ribbons Are For The Dogs, Guest Post]
[I Ride Milton!]
[Road to the World Cup: First Team Practice. Guest Post]
[Faint Praise]
[ Saddle Seat Versus Dressage, In A Nutshell] 2017
[Road to the World Cup, Traveling for the Team, Guest Post ]
[In Which I Consider Being Part of a Barn]
Top Ten for 2018, written in any year
[What Riding Means To Me: Christopher Wamble]
[Landscape of Darkness, Author Guest Post & Book Giveaway]
Top Ten for 2018, written in 2018

Top Ten Overall
Written in all years, read in all years. Which explains why the Fever Rings & Degele posts are reversed. No, I continue to have no explanation for the ongoing popularity of Fever Rings. Something in it must hit the joy button of an SEO search matrix.
[Watching The Tevis] 2013
[Fever Rings] 2013
[USDF Interview: Heidi Degele, Dressage-Horse Sales Agent] 2018
[Fotography Friday: Texture] 2012
[Why I Ride by Rachel Wamble] 2017
[Why I Ride by Katie Wood] 2015
[Help Me Name My Horse, Prize Offered] 2012
[Show Report: Mid-South Spring Premiere, Rainsville, AL] 2013
[The Naked Challenge] 2015
[What Happens at a Model Horse Show?] 2015

Thank you for reading,
Katherine Walcott

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