What Riding Means To Me: Christopher Wamble

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Christopher Wamble won the Junior ASHAA Outstanding Youth Award with the following essay. Welcome Christopher.

Christopher Wamble & Rare Friends
Photo by Terry Young

My mom put me on a horse when I was three years old and it was my sister’s little pony Pep. I always saw her ride him and I always knew I want to do that one day.

The first barn I started riding at was Blue Crest Riding Academy and I called my trainer Mrs. Ashley and Uncle Matt. I don’t know why I called him my uncle but I did. I did my first class, which was lead-line walk, at Old Milton. After Blue Crest closed, my family and I moved to Stepping Stone Farm.

I have ridden off and on since I was five. I stopped riding for awhile and played other sports including baseball, football, and basketball. I missed riding and everyone at the barn when I was away. I started back and I knew I wanted to be as good as my sister if not better.

I got my first horse Alvin who was my sister’s first show horse and then later he was my mom’s horse. He is the best horse anyone could ever have and he is a great teacher. Alvin and I showed in 9-10 walk and trot Academy for two years after I came off lead-line. The first year I went to National Academy I made it all the way to the finals. I was proud to get Top Ten and even got a first place vote with Alvin.

Christopher Wamble
& Alvin
Photo by Terry Young

After my last season in Academy, I moved up to performance with a horse my mom leases for me. His show name is Rare Friends but we call him Roberto. I was so happy Reagan allowed my mom to lease Roberto so I could have a show horse to ride. Roberto and I show in 12 and under Walk and Trot Pleasure and we have won many blue ribbons together this year.

I have learned that nothing comes easy and nothing is just handed to you. I have learned you have to work hard and practice if you want to get better. I have learned that so many things and I see that so much goes into caring for a horse and also showing them.

I’m glad I get to spend time with my mom and sister at the barn and at the horse shows. I am very thankful and appreciate everything that my mom, Reagan, Ms. Courtney, Shannon, Rachel (my sister) ,and my barn family does for me. They are always cheering me on and I hope I get to continue to ride for a long time.

My next goal is to learn to ride and show a five gaited pony.

Christopher Wamble & Rare Friends
Photo by Julie Wamble


In 2015, Stepping Stone Farm rider Katie Wood won the Senior Division [Why I Ride by Katie Wood]. Last year, Christopher’s sister Rachel won [Why I Ride by Rachel Wamble].

Requirements for the Outstanding Youth Award given by the American Saddlebred Horse Association of Alabama include academics, extra‐curricular activities, community service/volunteerism, and an essay about one of these topics: 1) What riding means to you OR 2) Ways in which you have promoted the American Saddlebred. Minimum of 250 words for Senior Applicants and 100 words for Junior Applicants. Prize for the Junior Award (12 & Under) is the choice of $250 or a show bridle.

Thank you for reading,
Katherine Walcott

Christopher Wamble & Miss Sugar Plum Fairy
Photo by Terry Young

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