The Year Through the Lens, Photo Recap 2018

Favorite Photo

[Foto Friday: Wall Street Sunrise]

42 Fridays

Low Key Photo Challenge, 9 posts [Low Key Photo Challenge, Holiday]
Instagram, 8 posts [If It Is December, It Must Be Time For Recaps, Instagram Top Nine 2018]
Photography by others, 4 posts

[Travel Foto Friday: London, Imperial Camel Corps Memorial, Guest Post]
[Wild Horse Goes Walk-Trot, Alabama Fun Show #3 2018, Heathermoor Farm]
[So It Continues, Show Photos, Dressage at Full Circle Horse Park, October 2018]
[Counting Down The Days Shetland Style]

Class, 4 posts, below
Skipped photography entirely, 10 posts
Today, 1 post
My photos, 6 posts, above plus 5

[Foto Friday: Snow Day Photo Essay]
[Foto Friday: Light in Darkness]
[Foto Friday: Year of the Dog]
[Horses of NYC 2017, Time To Go]
[Foto Friday, Fun with Fur]

Favorite Instagram Photo

[Foto Friday: Instagram January 2018]

Favorite Class Photo

[Spotted on the Vulcan Trail]
Other class posts
[Foto Friday: Photo Class Without The Photos]
[It’s All Grist for the Mill, Spotted at Kymulga Grist Mill]
[Spotted at the Birmingham Mural]

Favorite Low Key Photo Challenge

[Low Key Photo Challenge: Toys]

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  1. Very Narnia. Love it! Should do a double frame with your Narnia and mine (a while back, probably one of the ones that vanished from my blog….)

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