Horses of NYC 2017, Time To Go

Travel photos now. Back to horse news later.
I was here …

Rockefeller Center

… saw this …

… went for a closer look.


The metal barriers in the middle photo are blocking off part of the street. After a few minutes, the two riders went into the empty space and marched up and down for a photo shoot. I never did find out why.

I watched for a while.

All of New York City at my feet, and I spend 20 minutes looking at horses.


Time for me to go home.

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Thank you for reading,
Katherine Walcott

2 thoughts on “Horses of NYC 2017, Time To Go

  1. You can’t see from the picture, but the bay (brown) horse was not standing well. The officer was totally cool with an upset horse in a crowd, more so than I would have been.

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