Adventures in Predicting the Future, The 2020 Show Season

Adventures in Saddle Seat Enjoy the ride.   Predicting a show schedule is as useful as reading tea leaves. Who knows what is going to happen. To me. To the horse. To the expansion rate of the universe. Rodney is currently at bat. Maybe this will continue; maybe not. Maybe Milton will step up. MaybeContinue reading “Adventures in Predicting the Future, The 2020 Show Season”

Rodney, The Instagram Star

Foto Friday   Look who showed up in my Instagram feed.   Rodney before dressage at Full Circle Horse Park [Words]. The dual leadropes are a distinctive look [In Chains]. Prior photos of Milton by Kaitie Fitz Photography [Pix Are Always Amusing To Look Back On]. The title. How does 28 likes = stardom? Well,Continue reading “Rodney, The Instagram Star”

Looking Back, Horses of 2019

Training Journal If you’re riding a horse, you’ve already won.   Today is about the things I would have done regardless of the blog. Outside Of Horses [Fun with Fur] Yes, Virginia, there is part of my life other than at the barn. Not much, but some. In 2019, we had … adjustments in theContinue reading “Looking Back, Horses of 2019”

Saddle Seat, I Wish I Could Love You

Adventures in Saddle Seat Do you have any idea how easy my life would be if I decided to rack off into the sunset on a high-stepping American Saddlebred? I’d give Coach Courtney the nod. She would find me a horse. The length of time involved would depend on my ambition and budget. If IContinue reading “Saddle Seat, I Wish I Could Love You”

Sitting Out Winter Tournament

Adventures in Saddle Seat   Winter Tournament information went out last week. I said no. People are concerned. I am not. Specifically, my astounding and awesome groundperson is worried about living with me without a horse show on the horizon until March. His concern is not without merit. “Then that fell through. No horse show.Continue reading “Sitting Out Winter Tournament”

Now It Can Be Said, Nine In A Row

Training Journal Show season has ended, with a whimper rather than a bang [Woe, Noshow]. That’s okay because what an Autumn season. Multiple horses! Multiple disciplines! One stretch of nine weekends in a row!! Aside. It’s not all about the shows. I know that. I really do. Shows are exciting diversions. This makes them interestingContinue reading “Now It Can Be Said, Nine In A Row”