What Makes You [Horse] Happy?

Work: PM1 heat therapy & middle-distance handwalk/PM2 groom. Evaluation: warm weather = happy, pleasant horse = happy, pleasant me. Bodes well for summer. Ramblings for the day: Everything from philosophers to Hallmark cards tell us that happiness is within our own heads. But where? How? Anuscha Rees, on a post in her blog into-mind.com, talksContinue reading “What Makes You [Horse] Happy?”

What is going on inside that pretty head of yours?

Horse Work: AM heat therapy, “extended” walk in company/PM short liberty session. Evaluation: On our group walk, Greg led Mathilda, I led Rodney. At her time of life, Mathilda doesn’t do anything without a steady stream of carrots. Rodney spent most of the walk mooching his share. I don’t think he noticed how far weContinue reading “What is going on inside that pretty head of yours?”