Rain Delay

Work: canceled on account of rain.

I’ve paid my rainy day dues. At one show, the heavens opened as I was on deck for a jump-off with a friend’s horse. I knotted the reins for grip. I put a big, honking knot in my friend’s new leather reins. Her mare pulled on one end. I pulled on the other. It took my friend months to get kinks out. One upside to being involuntarily retired from a show career is that one doesn’t have to engage in such silliness. No showing in the rain. No training in the rain to be ready for shows. Give the whole day the raspberry & stay inside.

If you don’t show anymore, what don’t you miss?

2 thoughts on “Rain Delay

  1. Getting up before dawn, getting organized in the dark and getting on the road while the world is still asleep.

  2. Standing at the in-gate in 100 degree weather waiting for Famous Trainer to finish schooling his fourth student (all of them tacked at the end of the class) with the ring empty for 20 minutes at a stretch.

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