Thank you, Duke*

[*The wellington story]

Work: AM heat therapy/very short walk, albeit with bouncy dog. Walked over schooling logs as a sop to me.
PM groom/ground ex [turning box, plank]. It’s shaping up to be an easy week, so why push it? Although on the way out of the ring, I asked him for an in-hand jump over the tiny upright logs. Just because.

More rain last night. Squish. VOE: Not all tall, green, rubber boots are Wellies, no matter how they are advertised. The field mark is the red-rimmed label on the upper front of the leg that says HUNTER. After finally forking out for the real thing, I found out why an entire nation goes nuts over these boots. They are waterproof (of course), sturdy (a pleasant surprise), and comfortable (a great surprise). I can go for a long mare walk without feeling as if I have done so barefoot. When we have had a run of mud, I will often find myself still wearing them days after the mud has gone. They are that easy on the feet. Now, if I could only do something about the mare’s mud-pack, spa treatments.

How do you stay dry in the wet?

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  1. Yup, I love my Hunter wellies, too, but turns out they don’t stay waterproof forever. Went course-walking in the uber-squish at Rolex last spring, stepped into a ditch round about that Sunken Road , and discovered that my boots had developed splits at the ankles. Ick. They have seen a lot of hard use, in their defense, and are still pretty serviceable as long as I avoid wading ankle-deep. Especially nice that you can ride in them, too — they fit snugly enough at the top and have a good heel, so they work well in muddy conditions when you really don’t want to trash the leather boots.

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