Not a Mudder

Work: More rain. No work but a surprise heat therapy session.

As it had been raining since breakfast, I assumed the day was a write-off. When I went to do a carrot check in the afternoon, I found my bold future event horse completely dry from standing in the run-in shed all day. Mathilda, a mare, had naturally been out on patrol and was therefore soaked.

How does your horse feel about rain?

2 thoughts on “Not a Mudder

  1. That mare-patrolling thing is always a challenge. . . our herd dynamics have changed this winter, ever since the ferocious pony Cookie was sent off to be The Official Scottish Highland Pony in the parade of breeds at the Ky Horse Park. That left Puzzle without someone to threaten her life daily with wicked double-barrel kicks and snarky faces.

    Puzzle now has two other mare companions who are both very, very submissive, so she’s settling into the concept of being Boss Mare, a role she’s never played before.

    Between adjusting to being in charge, and being fed like a racehorse due to hunting season, Puzzle is now actually OBNOXIOUS. I’ve determined that she’s not a good candidate for either grain or alfalfa, it makes her jump out of her formerly gentle, quiet half-draft PMU baby skin and act like a dumb, pushy gelding. Not a good combination!

    The up side is, she looks amazing, fit and shiny and on the muscle, and in her dressage lesson Sunday, she was the most connected and elevated and motivated she’s ever been. But I’m done with the grain/alfalfa experiment, and I’ll augment her caloric intake with oil and more grass hay instead, so the fire breathing will be reduced a bit.

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