Resuming the doom spiral.

Work: 1/2x heat therapy only Grade: n/a Our pattern is to groom before the afternoon session. On Tuesday, he was grazing next to the ring. It seemed silly to bring him into the barn just to turn around and come back. So I haltered & went directly to what passes for work. Mistake. Despite theContinue reading “Resuming the doom spiral.”

Ground Exercise 2: Crossrail

Walk quietly, calmly, slowly over.  I keep gnawing at the jumps because, in the velvet darkness of the blackest night, there is a faint, flickering hope that he may yet cart my sorry ass around Prelim &/or over a mini-prix. Work: Yesterday, 1x, short walk but with dog for distraction. Today, 2x, slightly longer walk/ground exercises.Continue reading “Ground Exercise 2: Crossrail”