Same Word, New World

BBG sign 4 14 15You’ve heard of horse rescue? Dog rescue? How about plant rescue?

Last week, I attended a talk at the Birmingham Botanical Gardens on identifying native plants (inset).

One of the plants we saw was a “rescue”. When a property is to be developed, plant folks swoop in to dig up, transplant, and save the greenery. Plant rescue. Who knew?
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8 thoughts on “Same Word, New World

  1. I’ve rescued plants from supermarkets. Half-dead ones in the half price section. I still have one of them with me in France, a lovely peach coloured Christmas cactus

  2. Our garden club knows.

    When a member or other gardener dies and the heirs don’t want or can’t care for the plants in the garden or the house plants, we are asked to rescue them.

    When a member’s plants proliferate beyond her ability to care for them, she gives them away to friends, family or complete strangers.

    Our annual plant sale is exclusively plants from members’ gardens and house plants. This year, we are adding a few dish gardens, also from our “extra” plants.

    Plants are living beauty, the source of all life and a promise of future joy. None should die an unnatural death.

    Dish Garden

    1. I need something like this! I just spent the weekend splitting and moving many of my mature perennials and I’m running out of good places to put things. I so wish I had someone who wants to take some of what I have. I’m not a joiner by nature, but I might have to look into a local garden club. I can’t stand the thought of any plants going to waste, some of which I’ve been tending for several decades!

  3. I once “fostered” several mature perennials for a friend who was moving to and building a new house. The next spring when she was ready to take them back we split them, making it a win-win for us both!

  4. Birmingham Botanical Gardens!? But that’s right by where I work. .. no wait. I guess you were in Birmingham, Alabama’s botanical gardens, not the ones near my work in Birmingham, England, beautiful though they are šŸ™‚ Time for me to engage brain and calm down. But how nice that we can each go to a Birmingham Botanical Gardens without the inconvenience of crossing the pond.

    1. You are not alone. I have gotten excited about an activity that I had discovered online, only to realize that it’s taking place in the *other* Birmingham.

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