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“Even if you get knocked down, pick yourself and keep trying to be the best you can be despite the odds.”
Joe Fargis

“Follow your dreams even if they seem impossible.”
Mary King

Saturday’s repost [BTE: Planning], reminded me how much I want to ride in the Nutrena USEA Eventing Championships someday. (Reliving the post could have been depressing, but I quickly shook off the dark cloud.) (Ha!) To inspire the troops, I have created a blog feature that counts down to the start date of the 2015 competition: AEC.

I’m not strong enough to put the countdown on the sidebar where I will see the numbers every day. Instead, I have tucked the link up at the top right corner of the screen – or the dropdown menu on a phone – where I will visit it from time to time. A gentle reminder rather than a regular smack in the face.

We don’t make it this year? I’ll restart the counter for 2016. Never say never.

For Your Amusement
Check out the photo series by Shannon Brinkman of a save when a rider loses her bridle midcourse.

Update. Feature removed in one of my periodic site overhauls.

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