The Things We Do For Love

Work: None. Heat therapy. In high school, my friends would call on a Friday evening, “Hey, we’re going to a party. Want to come?” To which I would say, “No. I have to get up for a horse show tomorrow morning.” In college, I looked into the Peace Corps. I got as far as aContinue reading “The Things We Do For Love”

Brickfair: day 1

Work: day off. Rider [c.t.] busy geeking out at Brickfair. (Image of Kermit with hands above head screaming wildly.) In honor of my LEGO weekend, here is a horse sculpture made out of those addictive plastic bricks. I’m not completely certain of Internet protocol on images, so will ask you to click thru. The styleContinue reading “Brickfair: day 1”